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1 on 1 Coaching

The mentorship programme is a three day extensive programme where we look at your issues, break you down as an individual and then rebuild you from the ground up. Once the relationship with yourself has been handled, we then look at creating you into that sex worthy guy. We go out and practice what you have embodied in action, with your life never being the same again after the course is complete.

Skype Coaching

Our exclusive Skype package offer is there to help you to where you want to be when it comes to women. It consists of four weekly sessions, where we work together, 1 to 1 to try to get to where you need to be when it comes to women. We look at what is holding you back on a personal level, deal with your internal issues on a deep level, and then give you weekly tasks to help you to go out and face your issues on a practical level.

1HR FREE Skype session

You may be wondering whether one of the courses on offer is right for you. You may have not made up your mind or it could simply just be you have questions in regards to women in general. Take advantage of our free 1 hour Skype call and we can hope to resolve any issues you may have and get you in the right direction.


Want to become good at attracting women? Then first learn to become good with yourself.
Attraction Isn´t Something You Do Its Something That You Are.

So you´ve read all the seduction material. You´ve watched all the DVDs. You´ve spent thousands of hours online watching youtube videos but none of it works. You may have had some success, but you are still lacking consistency. You may have had that one girlfriend who you´ve just broken up with and now you mean business. You may have even entered the toxic world of pick up but its left you even more disconnected from yourself than ever. You may be Lonely. Depressed. Confused and there is no where else left to turn. You feel its time to quit and give up. I understand how you feel. I feel your pain. I´ve been down that road before. The trouble with the men of today is that they have become disconnected from their true authentic selves and they have become afraid of showing their true intentions when it comes to women. This is all rooted in FEAR. My job is to you free from those shackles that were mainly of your own making to begin with. We show you the truth about who you really are. You will finally come face to face with yourself. Your excuses, your pain, and your avoidance. You get rid of your previous toxic mindsets, replace them with new ones and get rebuilt from the ground up. You will not only understand HOW to attract beautiful women authentically by simply being who you are, but you also embody those principles as well. You essentially BECOME attraction. You will SEE how women react to you differently when you walk down the street. You will see yourself attracting women effortlessly and without actually doing anything unique or special. You´ll find afterwards you won´t be coming from a place of taking anymore, but from a place of giving and love. Join me on this beautiful adventure as we reconnect you to who you already are and seeing the REAL you attracting lots of beautiful women. We stand in your storm together and in the end stand victorious on the other side.

  • Unlearn

    "The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing" Socrates. The first step is to rid you of all the toxic mindsets you have accumulated over the years in terms of pick up, social conditioning and your unhealthy mindsets. We shake you to your core as a dramatic internal shift begins to take place. You become very present in the moment as the transition to a deep identity level shift begins.

  • Rebuild

    “Never be afraid to fall apart because it is an opportunity to rebuild yourself the way you wish you had been all along.” Rae Smith. Now the identity shift has begun and the process of rebuilding and reconnecting yourself to your natural masculine self arises . You begin to feel a new kind of freedom within yourself, you become free of fear, free of the shackles holding you back, the real you emerges.


    Now you have been freed internally, we begin the process of molding you into that natural sex worthy guy. You learn in detail, the simple and effective way to attract women, taking you by the hand and guiding you every step of the way organically and naturally, without EVER having to use manipulative pick up lines or techniques, but attracting her through the person you ALREADY are.


    "Action is the foundational key to all success" Pablo Picasso. Now you have been broken down, rebuilt and learnt the fundamentals of attraction through being yourself, we begin to take action and have many interactions with lots of beautiful women. You will now be ready, to not only taking action with the women that you desire, but now begin to take control of YOUR LIFE. Let the journey begin!

Meet The Team

Masculine Magnetism was born out of the desire to help men accomplish their goals and to find fulfillment in the dating world. It began after its founder, Imran, reflected on his years of frustration and loneliness and decided to make a positive change in his life when it came to women. After confronting himself, his errors, his limitations and his past failures, he decided to improve himself to a level where he finally became capable of achieving satisfaction in this area of his life on a consistent basis. This website was created to help other men who are struggling on their path in terms of dating and self-growth, in order to become the best version of themselves. We aren't interested in teaching men about pick-up lines or how to manipulate women into sex with sneaky tactics. We believe that with proper guidance, self-confidence and self love, men will finally be able to cultivate meaningful relationships with the opposite sex on a healthy level and to reconnect you to your masculine core. Imran is endlessly inspired by the men who join this community to step outside their comfort zones in order to become the best version of themselves by challenging the concept of who they think they are. We at Masculine Magnetism strive to make you become the best that you can possibly be through self acceptance.
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