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1 to 1 Coaching

Different women and different settings require various styles of game for your approach and pick up to be successful.In this course we’ll arm you with tonnes of useful information for various settings and get you well on your way to becoming a master pick up artist!You’ll learn how to approach and attract women during the day in the street, coffee shops, shopping centres etc and at night in bars and clubs! We will even show you the secret to getting an instant date when you’re out in town! Different women and different settings require various styles of game for your approach and pick up to be successful.

Skype Coaching

We now offer Skype packages to wherever you are in the world. *Single hourly Skype Sessions available on request.

 The full Skype package includes: 

- 4 one-on-one Skype sessions (60-90mins duration each)

- Practical homework and internal exercises given after each session, specific to your exact needs.

- Full Support system in place in between sessions. Our exclusive Skype package offer is there to help you to where you want to be when it comes to women. It consists of four weekly sessions, where we work together, 1 to 1 to try to get to where you need to be when it comes to women. We look at what is holding you back on a personal level, deal with your internal issues on a deep level, and then give you weekly tasks to help you to go out and face your demons on a practical level.

self development

Inner Game Mentorship Programme This is a course for those of you who have had success with women in the past, but just finds himself lacking in confidence and self esteem to help him move forward. Here at Pua Brighton, we are focused on getting your internal game handled, so you have the mental mindsets, the confidence and the self esteem to get anything you want in life. This not only covers women, but covers your career, your health and the perseverance to follow through with anything in life. We give you that winning attitude, so you finally know what you want in your life and then go for it.

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Learn the art of attraction and seduction and very soon you'll be dating the hottest women.
Age, looks and money are the three things that make absolutely no difference to how successful you can be with the women you desire.

Are you ready to change your life? Have you ever noticed how there's always that one guy who gets all the hot girls? Can't work out why this is or how that guy does it? Imagine being that guy. Surrounded by beautiful women all competing for your attention and wanting YOU all to themselves. You probably think when it comes to attracting and dating girls you either “have it” or you don't. You're wrong! There is a method. Be The Man That Beautiful Women Want A way to become so successful with women it's like living on a different planet, where you can pick and choose any women you set your eyes on and get her attracted to you in minutes. And fortunately you've found THE place where YOU can learn exactly how. Anyone has the potential to be successful with women. Age, looks and money are the three things that make absolutely no difference to how successful you can be with the women you desire. How Does A Date With A Different Hot Woman Every Week (or more) Sound? Most men in their life date under 20 women and only sleep with 8 of them. If variety is what you're after, by putting what we can teach you into practice you could easily double this within a year! More often that not students end up setting up dates with absolutely stunning girls during our courses! Take advantage of one of our courses, and you'll soon be up to your neck in dates with seriously hot women!

  • Unlearn Everything

    we destroy your old self limiting beliefs by getting to the heart of who you really are. We get to the heart of your problems and we stand in your storm together.

  • Rebuild

    Creating a set of beliefs that will help bring a fresh sense of self confidence, assurance and self esteem that will develop as you begin to interact with women.

  • Sexy You

    We work together to help you to understand what makes a sex worthy guy, using PROVEN methods to turn you into that sexy guy.

  • Sexual Interaction

    We go out and interact with tons of women, and we will teach you how to interact, converse and sexually escalate a conversation all the way to the end.

Meet The Team

PUA Brighton employees a variety of instructors with each excelling in their own area.
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Imran Asghar

Lead Instructor
At PUA Brighton we believe being a good instructor is not only about acheiving incredible results, it’s about the ability to teach and develop others. Every instructor is a fantastic teacher with great abilities to break down, explain and demonstrate outstanding pick-up techniques.


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